Monday, June 06, 2005

Pictures from the trip to Finland + Stop @ UK (May '05)

I had to go to Finland for work for 2 weeks in May. I got a chance to visit Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, and Salo while I was there. The trip was quite intensive in terms of how much work had to be done and how many goals had to be accomplished but overall it was pretty successful.

I kind of liked Finland! Almost everyone speaks English well, and Fins are pretty friendly. The country is reasonably deciplined and 98% of people are Finnish. (Less than 2% immigrants!)

On the way back from Finland, I had a chance to stop in London and get some rest after 2 weeks of hard work work work! TC and I got a chance to meet with Ouna (our Egyptian friend) in London as he's moved there for work. It was fun and we enjoyed our reunion a lot.

I am not sure if I am a big fan of London, but I wouldn't mind living there as a short term ex-pat or for vacation!! London is too damn expensive!! I guess it's the 2nd most expensive city in the world after Tokyo!

The pictures can be found here!!


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good for you, you sound quite relaxed and happy ....

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