Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back after a long absence!

It's been ages since I wrote in here. It's been such a crazy busy past couple of months. We moved to a new house! There has been a lot of challenges so far and this weather and the unusual wind storms did not help it. I still have mixed feelings about living in a house.

I lived in apartments all my life except for the summer time where we used to spend the whole summer in our villa in Caspian Sea shore (aka "Shomaal" which means "the north" in Farsi). (video)

I just think that I felt much safer living in the 11th floor of a concrete tower. Specially when the 160Km/hour storm hit us last week. I've put that lovely 1 BR apartment of mine for sale now and I already have an accepted offer which its subject shall be removed in a few days if everything goes well. I really liked my apartment, its breathtaking sunset/city/ocean view, it's nice finishing and its central location. I used to walk to my dance class a few nights a week and I was only a bridge away from downtown. It was so live but not as crowded as downtown. Except for the occasional sirens from the firetrucks and ambulances, it was quite a perfect place for me! I miss the lifestyle of living in that place already!

There has been/are tons of items in our TODO list and we try to tick off one by one. We're progressing each day... slowly but steadily.

Anyways, now I am busy joggling in between the unpacking, the holiday craze, planning our big day, my work, pole stuff and exercise, and am trying to remain calm at the same time.

Wish me luck!