Thursday, January 12, 2006

My knee op

I just had a knee operation to remove the hardware installed for my ACL reconstruction 1.5 years ago.
The operation was scheduled in a private clinic. Thanks to our provincal government finally allowing the day-surgeries to be outsourced in private clinics! The place was great! The staff were so friendly and the overall experience was excellent. My doc has been one of the founders of this clinic.
I'm still in cloud 9 due to the affect of the anesthetic and Tylenol 3... but so far, not too bad!
A little bit of swelling and a lot of R&R...
My doc was quite surprised that screw was not absorbed at all after 1.5 years and still looked like the first day when he installed it into my knee! I guess neither the screw nor the staple liked me, or they just wanted to be freed! (want to know a secret?... I didn't like them either!)

Monday, January 02, 2006

A weekend getaway

We scaped to the island for a weekend getaway to relax and celeberate the New Year...
There was not much that we did, but relaxing, watching TV, and enjoying the jetted tub in our log cottage.
The new year gala night was good, and the food was fabulous! We counted down for the arrival of 2006, drank some sparkling wine and took a bunch of pictures.
The weather in the island was unusally stormy, but we were still able to catch the ferry and get home by the evening.
I think this was what we both needed after such exhausting past few months!