Wednesday, August 29, 2007

back to balanced hormonal level!!

Ok, I feel much better today! Nothing has really changed since yesterday when I wrote the previous post. I had a fantastic chiropractic session this morning which made my back feel sooooo relaxed after a while. It felt like some muscles were tense for 10-20 years and finally they released the pressure! I also think the comfort I got from TC and our quality time last evening was definitely a huge help in my mood. Sometimes you get so buried under the day to day errands that you forget those tiny simple joys of life and your relationship. We watched a very sad movie earlier in the evening. It was shot in Vancouver. It's about a very young mom diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has about 2-3 months to live. I cannot stop thinking about it. I think a person's life become much much more precious once they become parents (specially mothers)... I - not being a mother - cannot imagine how powerful and strong the parenthood (and the responsibilities which come with it) can feel... It's beyond my capabilities to absorb it... I guess I have to wait until I am a parent myself... if it happens someday...

Anyhow, Just wanted to log for myself that I feel light, happy, and relaxed today! :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me at my darkest

  • It's quite surprising that you email your wedding photos to 80 people (70 of them were there in your wedding party) and after a couple of days, you only hear back from 3 people!! One of them subtly complaining why you didn't use their work email address as they don't check their personal email account often anymore!
  • Someone whom you did so much for and for years felt you're so close to, takes a very nasty shot at you. In the evening you receive a phone call from them to apologize and you get over it, but you still wonder: "Why did they take a shot at me? Where that shot comes from?" It's not that something nasty just slipped from someone's - whom you look at as a close pal - mouth! It's "the root" of that shot... the kind of hidden emotions in that person which triggered that shot! The frustration over something (god knows what) that seemed to have piled up for a while which caused those words slipping out of their mouth! Do you think if people could read minds and feelings, there would be no lasting friendship or relationship on this planet? What makes us human being so not trust-worthy and so impure?
  • Why prejudiced people claim that they are the most logical? Aren't we human being the exact opposites of what we claim we are? i.e. Most low self-esteem people act so arrogant, and slots act like they are the most faithful creatures on the planet, people with maxed out credit cards dress the fanciest while they are being evacuated from their molded dark rat house!
  • Right now I have cravings for chocolate! guess what time of the month it is...