Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Going through an "Early 30's crisis"?

I feel more relaxed with life recently, but don't feel great in general... Hence this article may seem to have a frustrated tone to it...

I am quite fed up... The same old issue that has been plaguing me: I hate the environment that I work in... This team is so different than any other team I've worked with since 1991 - when I started my first job in the corporate world!

One colleague treats me like I finished school yesterday... He's trying to "teach" me things that I was teaching people a decade ago!

So far I've investigated my alternatives... moving out of this team has been sort of promised by 3 managers (my manager, my manager's manager, and my manager's manager's manager!!) but God knows when it's going to happen!! A month from now? 6 months? a year?!?!?

I am running out of patience... So I thought I'd look elsewhere for job opportunities... Gosh, This town is the land of *no* opportunities in this industry!! There are either labor level positions available or chief executive positions!! Not much in between! I guess all I need atm is some L U C K - Which apparently kissed me goodbye 2 years ago!!

For a while I was thinking that I might be in the wrong career... I am a very social person and I love to deal with people, something that this job doesn't give an S about... I hate to be a machine and work like a machine... something that is very well rewarded in this team!

Then I was thinking: "Should I start my own business? how much money do I require to start? What kind of business gives me the highest chance of success?..." and, as usual, I don't think I have the guts to start my own business...

Maybe I am going through some kind of early 30's crisis!! Not happy with what I do and too old to start anything from the scratch!!


Blogger dokhtare aftab said...

You are never too old to start something new and you are very well capable of doing whatever you wish whether it's on your own or in a company of some sort. It's just a phase you're in right now. Take it a little easier on yourself. Rest more, see your boyfriend more frequently and let the worries go. You'll be fine. Promise.

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