Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Soosk Naameh (Cockroach Scripts) in English

Ok, finally I decided to write in English as well! (for the sake of readers with no Farsi language background)
I cannot promise to keep the contents of soosk naameh and this one consistent, but I'll try my best to keep 'em both alive!!

Wish me luck, y'all!! :)


Blogger Sooski said...

1... 2... 3... testing!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4...5...6... tested ! :))

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Inna said...

hehe!such a weird nick name!I like it!:)

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Haleh said...

Wow, how fantastic is this? :) Good luck my darling girl, I shall be following your English posts too.


7:41 PM  
Anonymous -TC said...

i love you!! and I am soo proud of you!!! :)

9:42 PM  

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