Tuesday, September 02, 2008


"I move into that quiet stillness of the chrysalis, letting the agents of change work upon me deep within. Waiting patiently, doing the inner work until the moment comes to emerge triumphant."

Brahma Kumaris Self Mastery


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"As a master I gather together my powers and capabilities. I consolidate my forces, and focus my will... automatically my goal is achieved."

Brahma Kumaris Self Mastery


Monday, March 03, 2008

8 qualities of a wealthy woman

I happen to watch some parts of "Women and Money" on the public TV over the weekend.

The speaker was talking about the qualities of wealthy women... the fact that they should stop putting themselves "on sale".

Here are the 8 qualities of a wealthy woman:
  1. Harmony (in thinking, saying, and doing)
  2. Balance (a result of Harmony)
  3. Courage (doing the right thing vs. the easy thing)
  4. Generosity (to yourself as well)
  5. Happiness (inside and out)
  6. Cleanliness (being organized, in thoughts, in life, etc)
  7. Beauty (the inner beauty, the confidence)
  8. Wisdom

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"As a master I always consider each situation... knowing what I do, when to do it, and for exactly how long. I develop the instinct to recognize when something is not right and am ready to start over."

Brahma Kumaris Self Mastery


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"As a master my courage comes from my clarity of purpose, and the sure knowledge that I am exactly the right person in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, to get the job done."

Brahma Kumaris Self Mastery


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

back to balanced hormonal level!!

Ok, I feel much better today! Nothing has really changed since yesterday when I wrote the previous post. I had a fantastic chiropractic session this morning which made my back feel sooooo relaxed after a while. It felt like some muscles were tense for 10-20 years and finally they released the pressure! I also think the comfort I got from TC and our quality time last evening was definitely a huge help in my mood. Sometimes you get so buried under the day to day errands that you forget those tiny simple joys of life and your relationship. We watched a very sad movie earlier in the evening. It was shot in Vancouver. It's about a very young mom diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has about 2-3 months to live. I cannot stop thinking about it. I think a person's life become much much more precious once they become parents (specially mothers)... I - not being a mother - cannot imagine how powerful and strong the parenthood (and the responsibilities which come with it) can feel... It's beyond my capabilities to absorb it... I guess I have to wait until I am a parent myself... if it happens someday...

Anyhow, Just wanted to log for myself that I feel light, happy, and relaxed today! :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me at my darkest

  • It's quite surprising that you email your wedding photos to 80 people (70 of them were there in your wedding party) and after a couple of days, you only hear back from 3 people!! One of them subtly complaining why you didn't use their work email address as they don't check their personal email account often anymore!
  • Someone whom you did so much for and for years felt you're so close to, takes a very nasty shot at you. In the evening you receive a phone call from them to apologize and you get over it, but you still wonder: "Why did they take a shot at me? Where that shot comes from?" It's not that something nasty just slipped from someone's - whom you look at as a close pal - mouth! It's "the root" of that shot... the kind of hidden emotions in that person which triggered that shot! The frustration over something (god knows what) that seemed to have piled up for a while which caused those words slipping out of their mouth! Do you think if people could read minds and feelings, there would be no lasting friendship or relationship on this planet? What makes us human being so not trust-worthy and so impure?
  • Why prejudiced people claim that they are the most logical? Aren't we human being the exact opposites of what we claim we are? i.e. Most low self-esteem people act so arrogant, and slots act like they are the most faithful creatures on the planet, people with maxed out credit cards dress the fanciest while they are being evacuated from their molded dark rat house!
  • Right now I have cravings for chocolate! guess what time of the month it is...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let it snow!

It's such a beautiful snowy day today in Vancouver... It reminds me of the winter days in my hometown... the childhood memories of making snowmen and throwing snow balls at eachother...

Here is the link to some pictures that I took with my phone camera on my way to work and also from my cubicle.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is love enough?

"Love doesn’t last forever because we need the opportunity for growth and healing."

Israeli psychologist Ayala Malach Pines, Ph.D.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back after a long absence!

It's been ages since I wrote in here. It's been such a crazy busy past couple of months. We moved to a new house! There has been a lot of challenges so far and this weather and the unusual wind storms did not help it. I still have mixed feelings about living in a house.

I lived in apartments all my life except for the summer time where we used to spend the whole summer in our villa in Caspian Sea shore (aka "Shomaal" which means "the north" in Farsi). (video)

I just think that I felt much safer living in the 11th floor of a concrete tower. Specially when the 160Km/hour storm hit us last week. I've put that lovely 1 BR apartment of mine for sale now and I already have an accepted offer which its subject shall be removed in a few days if everything goes well. I really liked my apartment, its breathtaking sunset/city/ocean view, it's nice finishing and its central location. I used to walk to my dance class a few nights a week and I was only a bridge away from downtown. It was so live but not as crowded as downtown. Except for the occasional sirens from the firetrucks and ambulances, it was quite a perfect place for me! I miss the lifestyle of living in that place already!

There has been/are tons of items in our TODO list and we try to tick off one by one. We're progressing each day... slowly but steadily.

Anyways, now I am busy joggling in between the unpacking, the holiday craze, planning our big day, my work, pole stuff and exercise, and am trying to remain calm at the same time.

Wish me luck!