Thursday, March 24, 2005

Being a woman, a colored woman... how hard is it really?

A few years ago when I was in a stronger mental shape, I never thought about this, and I was happy with whatever life had brought to me (except for one thing!). I wasn't too ambitious since I was young and new to this part of the planet! So my expectations were not very high at all...

The thing is that I now started to realize how hard is it to be a woman in a male dominant industry... Why do we have way less female CEOs, MPs, ... than male in most places in the world? What is it that makes it harder for women to achieve the highest highs in their careers? Add some "color" to this, being a colored woman - an immigrant - makes this even harder... and it's not just the language!!

You have to struggle more, be more efficient, more confident, more considerate, ... than your typical non-colored male colleagues, to climb the career ladder... and you may argue this if you're a man and you have never immigrated to a totally different environment...

What is the secret here for those who overcome this challenge? I know it takes a lot of strength, ... but what else? Is it the "charisma" that most of us immigrants lack in our immigrant lives?

Any idea?


Anonymous -TC said...

Although I do not totally argue with the core substance of your points, I do however disagree with the specific level of impact that you imply. I, obviously, do not have the attributes nor basis to be able to construct an opinion from personal experience, but I am able to extrapolate personal experiences, along with personal obversations and general logic, to come up with an opinion. I believe that certain factors do make it harder to succeed in certain environements, but I see these more as small hurdles, rather than blockcades. The most important weapon at anyone's disposal is their frame-of-mind, which includes confidence and determination/persistance to not allow anything to deter them from their personal goals (as long as they are able to formulate realistic and attainable goals, and avoid dreams).

10:32 PM  
Anonymous rohan said...

Tc is right, but i think he cant understand what women see and feel(like when u r donig engineering and every one expect u not to be as succesful as boys), its two different problems, being an immigrant and being a women, for the first one TC has given the best advices, about the second one may be world and us(women) still need time and fight to believe womens, at the end bi khialeshoon bash, happy new year

12:54 AM  
Blogger dokhtare aftab said...

I still haven’t been able to figure if that is a true problem or if it’s more my own perception. I have the feeling that part of it is due to the cultural adjustments I need to go through rather than discriminations against me. I don’t know though ….

2:01 PM  

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