Friday, August 11, 2006

so sick n' tired

Back from a b-trip. I'm quite sick and tired of all the politics and frequent @$$-kissing of the corporate world. It's so cheap and it's driving me insane. It's no longer about hard work and caring for the company, it's about whom you know and who's @$$ you kiss.
If the job-market wasn't so bad in this city, and people have more options to pick an employer, it wouldn't have reached to this point. The professionalism and morale is going downhill...


Blogger dokhtare aftab said...

hey, i haven't had time to scratch my head let alone read blogs in the past months so I owe you a late CONGRATS! let TC know that he is soooo lucky to have you.

take life day by day, it'll be easier, and take some time to talk to your friends, you'll be surprised how helpful and reliving people are!

Enjoy it all it's the best thing that'll happen to you!

6:01 PM  

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