Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trip pix - 5th set

Here is the link to the 5th set of the trip pix (link)

These pix are from Vigo (Spanish port), La Havre (French port - where the famous D-Day occurred), Rotterdam and Gouda.

Gouda is such a cute small town. We were there on a Sunday. So most shops were closed but we had a great lunch over there with some bottles of chilled Dutch wheat beer! Really thirst crunching...

I really liked Rotterdam. It was neat, orderly and clean. Since the heart of the city was completely destroyed during the World War, Rotterdam is also called as "The city without a heart". That's why there's a monument in Rotterdam with a hollow circle in the middle.

Because the vast part of the city center was ruined during the war, this city is full of modern and post-modern buildings. The yellow tilted cube apartments are a good example of such designs.

One of Netherlands' famous snacks are fries with mayo. There's a huge variety of cheese there as well. Of course, when you're in Netherlands you don't want to miss their famous Dutch Pancakes either. And for dessert try the caramel waffle sandwich! yummmmmm!


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