Thursday, June 22, 2006

Email from my dance instructor :)

Hi Girls!!

First let me tell you girls that you did an amazing job last week Wednesday at <...>.

I know that the songs were very short and rushed and you may or may not have noticed that they were playing some of our songs at tripple speed. I want to apologize for that but that will all be corrected this Wednesday and I want ALL of you, back (if available) because I want to give all of you an opportunity to dance to relive that night, lol.

I have spoken with the coordinator at <...> and we have come up with this plan:

1. You will be dancing 2 FULL songs each :) , very happy about that;
2. The performance will be broken up into 15 minute intervals, one at 11:15 pm, the second at 12:20 am; and
3. They have provided me with a songlist to choose from, which actually are fantastic songs.

I know Sooski will not be able to make it this week, No Problem. . .would love to have you back again!!

Thanks a Bunch Girls. . . .


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