Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy Bee

We're too busy! In general this year was supposed to be a busy year (both at work and in life), but it's even busier than we imagined...
Work is almost 18 days a day, and after that the stress and the thoughts are still following each one of us... The other project is also taking so much time, effort, stress and it requires millions of decisions to be made on the go! and it's draining our pockets too!
Also I am getting my feet into some very very amature performances... This Sunday I'll be auditioned for my pole tricks! And if that works, my performance will be either this Wednesday or the Wednesday after... in some funky place in dowtown!
On top of these, we are also preparing for our holidays... Men don't need to do much prep, but women (including myself) need a lot to prepare for... Eyebrow cleaning, HighLight renewal, Haircut, Manicure/Pedicure, shopping for some nice matching summer sandals, and the the list goes on forever.
Oh, I missed those days that I'd be bored to death as there was nothing to do!! ;-)


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