Friday, July 21, 2006

Trip pix - final set

And finally the last set of my trip pix (link)

Some of these pix are taken in the town of Brugge in Belgium. Brugge was small, cute, and old. There were a lot of small handmade chocolate boutiques and some shops which served fresh Belgium waffles with ice cream on top! :)

I also took some pictures of the TinTin shop in Brugge. Everything was so expensive in TinTin shop so I just bought a pair of fridge magnets and left! I was wondering whether there's a TinTin museum in Brussles as Herge was from there?

The next day we ended our cruise trip in South Hampton (near London). Since our flight to Vancouver was in the afternoon, we had enough time to visit the mysterious Stone Henge on our way to the airport. Stone Henge is more mysterious than the Pyramids of Giza as there is so little information available about it. Quite impressive I must say!

I also tried to capture a part of the beauty of the British country side while we were driving towards the Stone Henge. Believe me, the pictures are not even half as magnificent as the real landscapes!


Blogger OunaTouta said...

What does that mean!!!!!!
Did you like it better than the pyramids!!!!
No pyramids for!!!!

1:53 AM  
Blogger Sooski said...

I didn't like it more than Pyramids, Ouna! It was just more unknown to me than the Pyramids were! sigh!!!!!!!!

6:41 PM  

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