Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The swedish massage was fan-tas-tic!! so soothing, so relaxing... I didn't want it to ever end! The virgin cocktail which came after, along with the dried fruites, raw almonds, and the ice wine just made it even more heavenly! I also got a complementory make up touch-up afterwards! what else could I wish for?


Today the gals and I are going to a bar (in the other side of the town) to support our friend "Crystal", on her "rookie of the year" pole dancing challenge. We're all so excited for her. She's so determined and she deserves all the success on the road ahead. Good luck to our fabulous gal!

P.S. "Crystal" did a great job performing on the stage. She had the fire fighter costume on, and the crowd was going nuts for her! I guess she would become the 2nd or 3rd, if she doesn't win the 1st place.


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