Monday, October 10, 2005

Thankful, I am!

He is away again… for a long time… Feel so empty somewhere inside me since yesterday. Never thought I could feel this way for anyone. Cannot explain it with logic.

I woke up with his phone call this morning. Then I had my morning mix (steamed milk + instant rich coffee) and left home to do some errands.

It was the perfect fall weather, rainy but not cold, quiet, and peaceful. I walked a bit more after… to the crescent… sat there and relaxed under the rain for a while… I feel much better now… Although I miss him so bad, but I am happy that I miss him… it means I have someone to care about and deeply miss in my life… I feel thankful!

I am thankful for everything I have and for anything I don’t have… I am thankful that I could taste a true love and compassion in my life… I am thankful for living in Canada, where it gave me the right to be myself and thought me to love and respect all human beings regardless of their differences with what I was used to… I am thankful for living in Vancouver, where transformed me to be more peaceful and easygoing… I am thankful for being blessed… I am thankful for what I am and who I am…

Happy Thanks Giving to you all! :)


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