Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Love n' hate relationship with Tuesdays

I am in a kind of "love n' hate" relationship with my Tuesdays... My fitness class was moved from Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 to Tuesdays 5:30-6:30! This means I have to head out from work at 4:30 the latest, rush back to busy Granville St., and spend 20 mins to find a parking spot which is not expiring after 6:00 or it allows me to park as early as 5:20!! And of course, gotta have enough change ($2-$3 minimum) for an hour with the meter.

Also, leaving the office at 4:30ish in "jam packed with meetings" Tuesdays is not quite easy either.

After finishing the fitness class at 6:30 (all exhausted and sweaty) I run back to a few blocks farther, where the car is, and then I find myself driving impatiently towards the Rumi class. Hoping to find a parking spot in Burrard, I make sure I haven't spent all my changes for the greedy meter. I grab a grande machiatto at Starbie (although "grande" is not close to being enough for the 3 hour Rumi class!!) and run to the class.

This is the time I hope none of the people I know are present in the class as I would be embarrassed to kiss them on the cheeks (the Persian way of greeting friends) because I had no chance to take a shower after the fitness class, so it's quite likely that I stink!


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