Monday, September 11, 2006

We did it! :)

We did it! :)
We performed the Guinness World Record Pole Attempt at 6:00am (2:00pm UK local time) Sunday September 10, 2006 in Vancouver. The performance was done simultaneously all around the world by 100s of women. Many from UK, Australia and Canada... some from the states, and some from Belgium and Netherlands.
The attempt was performing a pole routine repeatedly for 10 minutes continuously and consistantly.
We all had to be there one hour before the start time (5:00am Sunday!) to complete the paperwork in front of the witnesses. One of the witnesses was the representative from Canada's blood cancers association, since the proceeds of all the money we raised via our sponsors would go to the blood cancers association.
TC was the official cameraman for this amazing and historic!!! event and he was also one of the witnesses! The whole thing went great and my TC did a fantastic job filming us. The tape was then submitted to the Guinness rep as per the Guinness World Record instructions.

I had 3 hours to sleep afterwards (I didn't get any sleep the night before!) as I had to go to the dance rehearsal for the show I'll be performing this Thursday. I went to the studio at noon and rehearsed with the girls for 6 hours! I was exhausted and starving by 6:00 pm when TC picked me up to take me out for dinner! The dinner was really good! We then came home and relaxed watching StarTrek and enjoyed a few cups of soothing green tea and belgian bisquites!


Anonymous Ouna said...

Okay, next time I am back home, I guess I have to ask for appointment to see you, you are celeberity right now

3:10 AM  
Blogger Sooski said...

Yes Ouna,
you'd better get here sooner! You said you'll be back on September! What happened?

10:32 AM  

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